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If you have a Huawei mobile phone, this app is your best choice. We designed this mobile ringtone app for Huawei mobile phone users, it can provide you with a lot of personalized Latest Ringtones, pop music, magical sci-fi sound effects, romantic love music, epic movie music... a variety of interesting sound effects.


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Radhe Shyam is a male version of Radheoven (Rudolf), which translates as “King of Birds”. Radhe Shyam is a fictional character in an ancient Indian epic written by Kalidasa. This story revolves around Radhe Shyam, the mystic chieftain of the hills who is called the Sage of the Shyam. Radhe Shyam is also called Radhe Sher Bahadur from the Bahadur Sagar (Great Sage).

Radhe Shyam is a fictional character created by Kalidasa. The story revolves around Radhe Shyam, who rules a kingdom called “the Heavens”. Radhe Shyam’s subjects worship him as the Sage of the Shyam but Radhe Shyam also wishes to be the king of all the birds. Therefore, he creates a force called “RADHE SHILYAM ARMY” to gather his subjects to help him create a force that will rule over the world.

After successfully creating this army, Radhe Shyam makes it his mission to protect the holy land of Shravan (India). In order to do so, he sends his agents to attack and kill anyone who enters Shravan. However, the demigods Bhasma and Ramuh join forces with Darvas in order to defeat Radhe Shyam’s forces. Once they do, Radhe Shyam orders Bhasma to throw Radhe Shyam into a lake where the demigods will drain all the water in it. However, Radhe Shyam rises above the water and defeats the demigods. After this, Radhe Shyam gives Bhasma and Ramuh the responsibilities of leading the forces in Shravan.

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Radhe Shyam is based on the Hindu myth about Shravan. The story revolves around Shravan being surrounded by a storm. The gods have decided to send lightning in order to destroy earth and make it desolate. However, since the storm was so strong, lightning never came close to earth. This left Shravan with a lonely soul and no form of earth for him to hide.

Radhe Shyam was formed out of frustration and loneliness. This is shown in the song when Radhe Shyam says that he cannot even hear her cry out for him. He does not even know what she is talking about. The song gives you an idea that this character has no one who cares for him, or at least that he does not care for her much.

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